Sunday 3/31/2013 12:54:00 AM

she welcomes the word in chokes of skin. a parable of thunder and silence. draws the storm in her palm. jittery pencil marks suckle the gods. thin grey lines solve the world in stabs of when. it was enough. or ever could have been.

the hound lurches. cutting scents and biting maps. navigate the child. until the woman emreges. more naked than the girl began.

all her holes roaring. portals on a broken paradise.

the puzzle of touch in whsipers. thin needles. thick drugs. the kaleidoscope of epiphany catches her edge. life needs her. not the other way around.

her turn. the obvious echo. soft ramps on to busy highways. the machine. her tired convictions. witches at their cauldron. ogres with soft arms deciding who we'll be. and the stories that betray us.

the severity of her demons salvation enough.

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