Sunday 3/24/2013 01:20:00 AM

gentle souvenirs. panicked prizes. the world erupts in predators and pacifists. the broad nostalgia of soiled flesh. her awkward dolls. tiny hitlers. her scraping hours. solvent martyrs. in stories mostly dead. trembling veins. whsiper the locomotive. in vomit and spit.

tender lies solve the skin. in crippled metaphors. the delicate monsters that color men.

prying rainbows from bloody fists.

the cold slumber listens. muscles whince with the fraud. of futures fetched from the fists of gods.

quiet masons fashion their walls. tears as their mortar. gravity becomes her. stern captain of  this sinking ship.

no leesons. nor hollow math to defend. the chrnoic suicide of touch. as it forgets. the teeth that bite.

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