Saturday 3/23/2013 12:43:00 AM

soft blacks surrender to the deeper greys. if such a thing could be. knots in the thread. holes eager to open. long shadows bend to release. time comes in chokes and needles. a furtive drug more arrogant than effective.

chasing the edge of the paper. hemorrhaging ink.

time speaks in riddles. flesh answers in numbers. she chases away the monsters. like any good dog would. but is more defeated by their retreat. empty plastic arms. discarded dresses. spoil crippled dolls for their barren heavens.

the future gives chase. a rabid dog full of froth and kill. the future takes us each. big shits and little pisses.heavy daggers in paper fists.

quiet stories whisper below the skin. measuring victory in frail wars.

life is a series of mirrors. all of them broken.

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