Thursday 3/28/2013 01:26:00 AM

soft skin in a tumble of when. the war between the past and the future expanding. her tits. a pair of anxious thieves. her cunt. a treasure map.

touch. the simple math of obvious men.

shallow saviors and impotent gods. scratch the glass.

impotent monsters shriek and roar. determined to prove how menacing they are. naked dolls clutch the shadows. disappearing gauze on ruptured scars.

the stories fester. infecting.

yellow songs whisper. of fires extinguished. and those still burning. gravity weeps. spurious stabs of skin. choke on the freedom.

wearing the numbers in stiff fractions. counting life in stolen breaths. the object. the geometry of desire. butterfly wings stabbing. myopic moments.

listening for the scrape of the fraction. as the whole bears down.

following the script. a miasma of predators. chewing on the ladders. grabbing the stones. as the square split.

simple lies overcome. by the treachery of choices.

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