Thursday 2/28/2013 01:06:00 AM

narrow paths absorb the pawns. a shifting leverage of light and dark. the strategy of flesh. the labor of touch. abundant in chokes and stabs. blind animals baring their sharpest grin.

the layers thick with pity and contrition. studious insects burning in piss and shit. all of her faces too small.

the bold charms of reason and hour. meted sorely by monsters within. worn candles push the flame. the moment churns. a contest absent warriors.

quietly, like angle would expect. seizing the plane in curves. the empty math of ambition. leaves her bankrupt.

counting. this empty future ours. matchsticks yet to be burned. fires lsot in concept. her time more science than predator.

a futility of colors. hard like the angle of her distance. soft as the tremble of her fist. a blur of holes. heavy with all that is lost.

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