Monday 2/25/2013 12:58:00 AM

the hungry hour snarls. spoiled by a rabid continuum. a stumble of reason is betrayed. shallow staples drown in deep wounds. the blood is arrogant. the infection is soft. yet persistent. withered dresses try on people. the auger already deep. in the empty well.

shivering skins shedding ripe skeletons and stale sinew.

the task is survival. the question is how.

seductive villains own the words. we're left with only sound. the choke of carbon biting lungs. the piss of oxygen relieving their thirst. the world folds. quarters. halves. decimals. the self in percentages. moist towels. arbitrating the bruises in parting windows.

a whisper to  the stains. that draw her face in the darkness. a nod to the monsters that steal the colors from so much grey.

anxious animals shout into empty boxes. eventually the tide levels. and they dare to swim again.

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