Saturday 2/02/2013 01:09:00 AM

this is my corpse. my whole life the funeral. this is my death. excrutiatingly slow.

worshipping the void. seduced by the choke. a stutter of skin. teases the naked bones. but this is a grave. leaving is all it knows.

this is my lie. that it could be anything other than what is. that i could wear their clothes and their faces and convince them i am the same.

crippled beasts snarling at the fire. so terrified of freezing that they welcome the burn.

that persistent assault of strangers. that arrives at every breath. constantly gnawing away at what of my flesh remains.

this moment is my corpse. temptations in broken skeletons. artists's charcoal to draw the lips. black words to dilute the monster's piss.. this life is the soil that builds my tomb. trembling kings bathed in shit. this is my corpse. these are the worms that devour it.

hungry dogs chewing on their mother's cunt.

quiet wars confess in conjuctions of blood. lost surprises with diseases not strong enough. dying is a lonely process. of forgetting who you are.

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