Thursday 1/31/2013 01:23:00 AM

an alphabet of thunder. a template of rain. translating the howls of the wind. all the words are heavier than I can lift.

the satisfaction of division. moments solved for x. a wealth of nothing. open windows to the waves. salt and ocean like proverbs with broken zippers. the burden of multiplication. purrs like kittens. about to be drowned.

the angle passes. refracted and absorbed. quiet predators. more blood than oxygen. blithe catalysts. perpetrate vacant storms. the muscle contracts. the bell is rung. the mountain is climbed, but hardly conquered. her breath spreads like dripping blood. spilling. staining. every choice.

the stubborn machine. the hungry motor. selfish kings. flaunt their empty robes. loud enough for time to listen. tepid pauses in the witch's cauldron. forget the walls between touch and skin.

patterns confess. ample hysteria. wear the child in slits and pebbles. she chases the sidewalk. in fervent tremors. blue razors drowning in red.

an ulcer of patterns. confesses the puzzle.

the weather rages. hungry music. and loud guns. tempt the solution.

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