Thursday 12/06/2012 11:38:00 PM

plagues and cures like zippers coming undone. the stern stretch of muscle as it is embraced by the cold. she has too many names. too many faces. blunt sticks in the soil. spoiled sketches. smudged and empty.

tyrants in the skin. whisper their betrayals to deaf gods. draw their treasure maps in piss.

the world is small. a loose button on the groin of the universe. my lie is wasted. i am not. never was. dolls. hollow limbs. frozen fists. clench the void. stand close. clutching paper hands. work the template. the anatomy of lost. missing steps under the threshold of a martyred monster.

telescopes and oceans. a carnival of choices.  the scrape of truth undeniably loud.

watching. cables and wrenches in the winter of her hope. loose and broken. running. in the deep water. a barefoot surrender.  a shallow effort. an impotent rage. 

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