Saturday 12/08/2012 01:34:00 AM

the chase. the mania of the elements. soft fists knock on open doors. hollow rooms. crooked portraits. left in our skin. she tries. in stutters and sobs. the yellow of nervous thighs. the green of disobedience. she tries. with thick lips and open palms. more incident than person.

it always resolves to dying.

the rumble. the thunder of the changing world. she listens, but cannot stand. its guttural lament.

tracing moments in pencil. hoping they'll soon be erased.

pirates of when. assassins of now. tickling the atoms. defying the how.

the path. stilted raindrops find the flower. the broken splitting soil. the feverish cracking dirt. stutters through the universe drowning in waves of black lipstick and shallow verbs.

guillotines and nooses. befriend the monsters with the biggest fangs.

voices like sirens. solve for storms as distant as they are close. the darkness in doses. fragile medicines. a perpetual surplus of almost.

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