Sunday 11/25/2012 12:41:00 AM

tempted by the blade. worn. tumbles of flesh. surrender to the cauldron. flame and hollow and panic. scabbing thoughts. soft still. scrape the edge. sated. a belly full of surrender. tamed. a muted beast.

solved. an equation of skin.

small bridges open slowly. simple monsters discard their masks. i am the disguise. or at least i was.

distance itches hot and cold. the disease of if infects and spreads. choice confesses conspiracy and mayhem. cracked buttons on the facade of massive machines. missing parameters in the algorithm of humanity.

little candles in the expanding darkness. broken matches bend to the flame. lies favor the young. and older is all i can ever be.  the mercy of ignorance expires and the truth comes rushing in.

tasting. tasted. worms in the soil. fingers in the shit. snake the method. slither the salvation. too close to the wick. the princess bathes in piss. her kingdom becomes her toilet.

windows dirty with suicide. doors thick with ghosts. so many funerals. no graves to visit.

solved. the merits of madness. the value of touch.

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