Tuesday 11/27/2012 01:12:00 AM

blackboards cough. thick with lessons discarded. thighs hiss. venomously parted. breasts weep. feverishly naked. the strum of the quiet. frets on the neck of the darkness. snatch their songs. from the loose soil. from the quivering lips of coincidental nightmares.

dirty pennies coax the fountain. chew on the wishes. raw bones and rotted flesh. assemble the world from what pieces are left.

a scream of color wakes her.

she counts backward. from zero. until she reaches nil again. a journey of fractions. weak with human arithmetic.

we take. gaping and empty and certain. a contagion of need. a plague of lovers. more ghost than flesh. buttons on the machine. cull the gods. blunt arrows and sweet candy houses. knot their witches. turn their breadcrumbs inside out.

the dance. the manic reprise. stern shallows weep the ocean. hardly close enough. the tumble. the bold addition. swept like fire and rain. stolen blond and clean pussy. bandages on the rape. liars. and friends. bent to the ladder. spoiled to the chase.

places so much like how we are. soft and lingering. loose buttons pestering the gods. tempted to embrace the storm. the allure of destruction. a panic of faces confronts an army of one.

the flesh is a merchant. always selling.

we are just product.

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