Tuesday 8/28/2012 12:57:00 AM

she wakes him. with razors and vomit. the brutal science of trust betrays her simple mazes. the stuttering walls. the quivering exits. like thunderstorms from the wrong side of the window. like dolls all too eager to part with their stuffing. a tear in the seams starts the story. it's always finished by a needle and a knot.

her puzzles are always the same. numbers violating. deaf walls trying on their eyes. seeing for the first time. the distance that separates. kings and men. little soldiers with big guns. aiming at the furthest target. the callous camouflage of apathy. like an appraoching eclipse. everyting darkening. the univrse deferring to residual patterns.

her key. still in the ignition. that arrogant device. that thundering motor. that would absolve us of if this weighted flesh. blind coyotes. deaf moutains. painful patterns. puzzles more road than pavement.

the thieves. the eager strangers with their daggers dangling from their arms. the elegant map that touch has drawn. to prove we are still alone.

short stories in the blind of her ambition. broken ladders encouraging her to climb.

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