Monday 8/27/2012 12:14:00 AM

Dog ears on the quarks. listening softly as the world chokes on children. fathers. and gods. the curtain. flesh dense with scripts. fists heavy with stages. Fat atoms dancing with muons. Slipping through. Paper nightmares catching fire in her brain. Dared by the forest as it is effortlessly consumed. Grateful for the nothing

Tangents. Divisions of self fortified by quanta. The clone. The distant messiah. Ripe withe hanging icicles as the summer comes on strong. The bridges that betrays us as we try to run. Beautiful seasons lost to ugly gardens.

Time travel, the weak protagonists in this arrogant novel. apathetic monkeys sleeping on the bomb.

No colors. No measure at all. For right or wrong. Just waiting. To see what truth has survived. what lies can still be sold.

atlas shrugs. And he loses his grip..

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