Sunday 7/15/2012 01:07:00 AM

monsters without their clothes. touch like breadcrumbs. distance like sirens. death is wonderful given the right drugs. the naked in her stare. the ovulation in her kiss. she bleeds. like her womb is perforated. she dances like the music is deaf.

lipstick on the rail. confessions of a dangerous addict. time in pleats and wrinkles. embraces the siren. Everything is stolen Everyone is a thief. borrowed skin scraping the bones that hunger beneath.

faces like waiting grenades. simple puzzles not to be solved. a fiction of choices. amongst a war of slaves. freedom has its conditions. servitude has its benefits.

the rope. knots in the continuum. places to be. checkerboards in the morality of men. paper cuts on the fist of time. barely slow it down.

the drug finds her. knows. who she is. stubbornly waits. for her to remember. who she was.

moments in time. each one a bucket full of holes. we waste our lives trying to fill.

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