Monday 7/16/2012 01:18:00 AM

when. she was. before. now. only. if. how. ciphers of skin. the thief. a seldom song. an anxious promise. the wold in candles. melting. or waiting. to be blown out.

her quiet wars getting louder.

decimals. numbers. faces. puppets. their strings all knotted. decision. blame. confession. a marathon of scissors. cutting the tethers that make us choose.

her breathless armies. her stalwart generals. her crimson soldiers. all consumed by the cause.

particles vibrating. microscopic tremors. that rock the world.

arteries. spoiled by their path. the center. hungry for rebels. anthems.

what. it was. then. will be. can. should. life in hurricanes and downpours. it's only tomorrow because we say it is. it's only yesterday because we want to forget.

dim lamps on the desk of eternity. books open. pencils sharp. the pages dense with empty.

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