Thursday 6/14/2012 12:30:00 AM

the world ends and begins in the same place. crumbs on the lips of inadequate gods. gluttonous spectres tinkering with flesh on old equations.

the imagination of poets the only evidence we have that we exist.

time spoils inside her. a virus. multiplying. infecting every action. every choice. the labor of each breath more than punishment enough.

timid monsters. is what the world is full of. each evil quieter than the last.

the circle lassos her. and she turns. ripe with contrition. as the wormhole closes. prepared to argue the sun.

dragging her time machine behind her. licking the numbers. sour candies melting on the asshole of the universe. torn ribbons. flaunt their bows inches from utopia. the math is simple. it's the result that's impossible.

Dead men take off their panties. As if anyone is still interested in their cunts.

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