Thursday 6/14/2012 11:51:00 PM

stones in her shoes. fingers in her head. a stumble of choices. a deliberate execution of indifference. the soiled bed sleeps the child. in stifled sobs and burning flesh. the empty pillow rests the head of the woman. in impotent chemicals and slipped knots.

the wormhole is ours. to manipulate and abuse. to hate. to love. to blame. and to forgive. for all the places we've been. that left us. but never let us leave them.

pennies in her fist. wishing backward from the well. zippers in her head. opening. the heavy rain hides the footprints. of thieves. the storm erases any evidence.

ants in her panties. spiders under her eyelids. she pretends to be asleep. as the biting devours her.

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