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Distance Over Time
Thursday 5/17/2012 11:52:00 PM

broken toys play with her more than she does them. fastidious intimacies scorch the flesh. grinning devils with loose zippers. the intricate repetitions of touch betray intent. patterns lost. empty heavy with the science of want. scabs shed. a cough of how amongst a mercy of when.

her markers all dry. her pencils all dull. the mania of nervous fingers on the seams of decision. defeat pretends to find her. though she argues that's not it. narrow roads. steep hills. the angle is measured by degrees. and remains as cold as ever.

one drum beating. a hoarse lamb teasing lions. ugly with truth. frantic with apathy.

severity is the steps. rage is the roof. there are no doors nor any windows. in the house that she has built.

the iris stumbles. the cornea fails. but sight is situated elsewhere.

the voice struggles. the tongue drowns. she wears the wolf. confident in the fit of his fangs. just teeth. little bites. our choices devour us.

the machine. the arithmetic of the moment. the stranger in her gown. still learning. how to count. shallow dents in the soil.

open windows. still let the rain in.


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