Saturday 5/19/2012 01:32:00 AM

orphans and thieves. the same. curious strangers with their various fingers in the soup. the fever of now. and tasting. a blizzard of skin. her eyes like a distant medicine. no cure. just managing. the depths of the craving. insects arrogant enough to choose their skeletons.

mercy evolves. first empathy. then madness. eventually resent. skin stretches. to fit. the burgeoning distance. between savior and skeptic.

limp dolls. score the dance with equal parts silence and gawk. dull hatchets on the broken fence between reality and reason. the thick margins. all starved. the tall trees. still far from heaven. that spoil this empty forest. all the monsters between her legs that convince him. hell is worth revisiting.

struggling engines. try to measure. broken men tell their stories in how close they came.

distance judged in echoes of if.

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