Sunday 4/01/2012 12:38:00 AM

the timeline resolves to places long lost. gentle lies pretend her. in the absence of the beautiful monsters once thought tamed by her. manic beasts as wild as they ever were. softly part her thighs. a stubborn cliff with its arms swept open to embrace the fall. the tedious thump of her blood. as it orbits her heart. a cruel mistress kissing placebo poisons.

her confessions are mild. yesterday pretends gods and monsters. but no one sees them.

she chases the moment. decimals her only charges. candles with blackened wicks and buckets with too many holes in them. eyes not to see. listen. words not to say. hear.

knots in the thread. slipping through. as the needle strays. gaps in the hem. as the monster slips inside her.

empty skins. still smell of the child inside them.

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