Friday 3/30/2012 12:51:00 AM

stagger the walls. stone cities bend under the weight of excess skin. tally the ash. a frenzy of hot spoils her laugh as she waits for his words to fall into her lap. bits of blood. fragments of bone. the hours tell her in short stories where the hero never wins.

paint the clock. frantic. the pantomime of touch. deaf betrays. blind conditions. the rattle of flesh. making us victims.

time holds its breath. the future chokes. breathless and dissonant. a needle lapping at the vein. always just missing it.

the drug is weak. a misunderstood monster. the world is small. a single page torn from eternity. soiled in ink. fouled by the moments that make us want.

listen to the end. the whispers as she wars the clock. numbers like thunder. hours like heroin. another storm always on the horizon.

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