Monday 1/09/2012 12:21:00 AM

the end doesn't come. it only finally wakes up. After a long debate with a lazy coma.

the words aren't mine. I only borrow them. from opiates and unprotected sex.

bluffing the seldom cartographers. that leverage their maps against the contingencies of dead skin. destinations far more resilient than the travellers that take their paths. or otherwise more willing to embrace the inherent weakness. of wanting. to change.

she scribbles. stabs of ink. open wounds. she had assumed were healed.

the liar. she is. was. must be. shouts. colors. conditions. cold beds. missing blankets. smothers. under the reflex of choice. that we can wait. so long. for what is never coming.

the ripe apple. in her grip. bruised. bitten. soured. by those that have tasted. the scrape of its gravity.

the weight of the earth rapidly approaching.

the science of salvation. feeble with the parameters of decision.

the fall is nothing. compared to what comes after.

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