Friday 1/13/2012 12:14:00 AM

Pause. Hold your breath. See if anything changes.

Jagged pencils. Point. Draw. Confess. That it's not enough.

She lends her face to an eager stranger. Wagering against his resolve. She plays her game of hopscotch with the obvious numbers. And unexpected stones. Winning a cold component to her plan.

To be.

Her life in shallow cuts. Little blood. For many wounds. The rabbit runs. Chasing its missing foot. Frantic to win a race that scarcely knows it's in it.

She listens to the monkey. As he confesses evolution. Every bone a treason. As she works her way inside the skeleton. To find the knot in the needle. that keeps her from coming undone.

Each hour a prism. Bent fingers. Pointing at. Brightly colored villains. Broken fists. Trying to hold onto. Fading rainbows.

The math overtakes her. And she struggles with the remainder.

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