Saturday 12/24/2011 12:31:00 AM

blank lips sweat the lies. perspective. the smallest cuts leave the biggest scars. texture. the friction of silence. her last bridge. wheezes. hiccups above. roiling waters hardly charmed. by the pontifications of humbled madmen. the swagger of their empty dicks.

arrogant pauses. mete out the addiction. in trembles so soft she barely knows how much she needs what she's never had.

portals. the fever of when. sickens her pursuit of tomorrow. with past infections.

it's clay. we are. spinning. sticky. malleable. dense. turned into and turned by. and turning with. the orbit of lazy moons. shaped. strained. convinced. that there is a definition. for the things we cannot name.

spies. soldiers. flags. the breaths between battles become the definition of the war. we are winning. because all else is lost.

long strands confess their knots. sweet candy houses bargain with orphans. soft tangles keep lovers near. a lengthy trail of breadcrumbs behind. a longer path ahead.

skin like levers. catapults. weapons. immune. to the strum of gravity. as it orchestrates her fall.

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