Monday 12/26/2011 12:16:00 AM

on broken broomsticks. in dusty closets. the pantomime. the earthworm. naked without the soil. context shifted. rhythm compensates. we don't know why. it's this easy to forget. we just trust that the changes will improve us.

the paradigm and the stimulus collude. the results are near. the observer is distant. and nothing else can be accurately measured. where we began. where we've ended up. the path that took us from there to here. gradations on the faulty scale. flesh uses to determine the weight of touch.

the lie will tell itself. all we have to do is let it.

moments manifest. objectifying spontaneously around the situations we've created for them. rain falls up to the sky. choices construct their questions. we go backward. stealing the butterflies from caterpillars. calling them defective.

ugly. ambient conduction. fluid entropy. solvent to the flaws of strangers. reacting to the litmus of lovers. an empty experiment. proving nothing.

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