Thursday 12/08/2011 12:32:00 AM

you took the color. turned it inside out. so only the black heard. only the white saw. everything in between them. infinite and useless.

long tunnels. dense nightmares in the wrench of drugs. i wanted to wake up. but the hole was ink. and the surface only paper.

her touch. a whisper of sleep against an army of insomnia.

we dug those graves. bitten fingernails our only shovels. we drew the smiles on those cadavers. picking scabs to get the paint.

we let the rain fall. each cloud our own. nurturing every storm.

counting backward. building the machine. in stumbles and punches. chewing on the edge of the abyss.

stubborn angles. betting on friction.

a fool's roulette. artfully refracted in a prism of causality.

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