Tuesday 12/06/2011 12:13:00 AM

time. practical poisons.

the flight of touch. the turbulence of skin.

rabbit's feet and turtle necks. the piety of luck. poker chips and penny loafers. the risks in not taking them.

that little house. wide open. yet unaffected. by the wind or the rain. a mouse trap missing the bait. that heavy face. colorless and silent. no expression. a puzzle without edges. practical poisons. darkening the outlines on those villains.

as if the world sleeps beside us. in quiet fits. an eager lover. a seldom friend. too lazy to love us. too selfish to leave.

time was. life is. a practical poison. waiting on us. to decide. how much.

ragged dolls. sewn on smiles. a frenzy of stitches. and so many threads to pull on.

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