Thursday 11/10/2011 12:28:00 AM

instances. between the planes. curious thieves examine the empty space. arcs. beyond the curve. footless rabbits pace on their stumps.

pebbles scrape her palm. as she throws for her turn. simple games. complicated rules.

suckling pigs. in the shadow of angry sows. butchers' blades. dull, but effective. very little blood. plenty of squeals.

ends. neither the sum. nor the parts. the product of zero is always zero.

vertices. trip over each other. the shapes press onward. the infinity of flesh becomes her. small steps closer to the edge. a tickle of gravity to send her over.

a quiet drizzle. vagaries in the measure of touch. discrepancies. in the weight of when. the fractured arithmetic of redemption. always has remainders.

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