Saturday 11/12/2011 12:16:00 AM

say your name. with eyes like bark. a voice like leaves. a forest of one. in an infinite winter.

gravity's pale combustibles fail to spark. her fall is mute. a stale revision. of a hollow scream.

draw your map. with hands of glass and lead thumbs. a singular path. in a universe full of places.

chew on the engine. motion a constant. forward or back the question. threads of skin. whispers of combustion. jolt the turbines. muscle. memory. desire. all the components function. still the machine as a whole. only idles.

trust the moments. variables. that drive the differential. confess. concede. provide the inputs. accept their division. their outcomes creates us.

the empty jacket. the shadow it casts on the chair near the window. it pulls on the curtain with zippered fingers. metal teeth bite down hard on the void. the light plunges inside. fracturing the glass where she kept all her colors.

she chokes and gasps. overcome by a deluge of instances. soft strands of math bore their nails. skin like hammers. drive them in.

years assemble. in crooked ladders and low ceilings. the destination is built. but the journey collapses.

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