Saturday 11/19/2011 12:18:00 AM

terminals. elements. soft blades. broken by hard flesh.

they are drawn by her. in thin outlines. she rarely colors in. candy hearts missing their text. though mostly she traces. trying to imagine. how big the picture migh have been. were the margins not so narrow.

flower petals in dirty pockets. finite constructs choke. Trying to swallow. Their tiny portion of the world.

atoms. quarks. particles. naked science. blind observers. Taint the results. By being there.

faces. simple puzzles. impossible to solve. memory. every answer creates a new paradox. she draws on them in permanent marker. and leaves the cap off.

gelatin. the fate of discarded bones. to make dense these flippant ghosts. that frequent the thin membrane between self-awareness and insanity.

warm sheets. thunder through her skeleton. empty locomotives. lost without the guidance of skin. cold pillows. work their math. long division. remainders. paper knives stabbing the wind.

pieces of an infinite world. blame the puzzle inside her.

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