Sunday 11/20/2011 12:54:00 AM

the room. dense. with the ceremony of skin. blunt hounds. eager to fetch.

touch is a cumbersome companion. a soft clay stick figure. struggling with the bricks in its chest. a drought in the mind. resentful of the flood in our flesh.

the room. crude walls drawn. in torn dresses and broken toys.

a thirst. that's never quenched.

a rumble of choice. a quake of contrition. time like feast. taste like famine. life a poison.

she chews on the petals. dead flowers. fevered treasure maps. the calm of the paradox betrays her indifference. curtains drawn on dark windows. the room. still certain in its hunger.

a story told. often repeated. empty fists. spoil the glass. pointing. content to look in. carelessly. browsing. purchasing its depth. for a place to drown.

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