Sunday 10/23/2011 11:53:00 PM

context. it puts us in places we've never been. it sends us back. to where the light still struggles to penetrate. scratching outlines into dark chairs where we linger. meteing out colors we never imagined were there. a frenzy of mosquito bites. making us real when all i want to be is pretend.

the hole that i fell into was dug by people long before i came to exist.

tight pants. created a waterfall of flesh. wrinkled pockets. pushed against empty fists. the easy remedy of scorn seemed appropriate. rage was the ideal coping mechanism. it tends to make everyone seem small.

i wore what didn't fit. stretching the shadows to cover the wagers. of tiring pendulums. shrinking myself to compensate for the deficit. of so many years. like paper cuts. deep wounds that draw no blood.

the sour came in down pours. brief, but effective. sealed boxes. full of her future. and she had no idea which one to pick.

shallow cuts are most effective. hurt is measured in duration. it takes years before you know that you've been. by the time you find out, it's too late to blame anyone other than yourself.

i was so desperate for anything sweet. the beehive seemed a perfect place to reach in and grab.

but the honey was sour. and after so many years of numbness. i barely felt the stings.

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