Saturday 10/22/2011 12:53:00 AM

smaller still. the aperture. the lens is if. the focus is how. the photograph taken is us. heavy with the onus of empty picture frames.

stagnant shades of grey. ripe with the poignant humanity only addiction dares to tell.

fraction of when. the weak equations of touch betray the labors of skin.

the stairs climb her. she bends to accommodate their footsteps. sharp angles. borrowed from soft lips. frail snakes hiss from under their stones. while they wait for their venom to replenish. the world is full of lies. but those that I've been told are the ones worth believing.

soft bricks suffer their walls. in stutters of regret. shame. touch. confession. the cracking mortar. of every great fortress. the earthquake whispers to her. that it's getting closer.

the innocent voodoo that silly bones will do. adrenalin and magic. pretend to change us. torn curtains and broken glass as the storm commits to its path.

time hits. like rain against closed windows. confident that it will find a way in.

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