Sunday 1/02/2011 12:03:00 AM

the stone under her heel. subtle masks. weightless burdens. the light climbs the curtains. repeating songs. muted instruments. she hears the future. in cold coughs. and hollows breaths. a tunnel. a godless church. suffocating in hope.

toys. pieces to move. as the game plays us.

the monsters that once were human. pulling open their zippers to show her the proof. she already knows that there is little difference between monsters are men. so what can they teach her?

stones. on the places where she walks. fists in each footstep. crippling the distance. between then and now. the years. crawling on their scabby knees. borrowed faces. still pretending our lives.

Her party dress all stained. In colors no one else can see. Her monsters. All of them human.

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