Saturday 1/01/2011 12:27:00 AM

the earth recognizes. well-worn shoes. one machine into the next. a tedious derivative. of futile touches. grabbing at the numbers. as if they are more than mere markers. road signs to the abyss. clutching the math. as if it can tell us where we are.

pissing stars and naked moons. press their noses to the glass. looking in on faint gods. as they feast. on empty plates. what was ours. or we thought was. a hungry mouse in an infinite maze. rotting pieces of cheese. we can smell, but cannot taste.

she fondles the engine. coaxing it to hum. its bitter song. years wasted on those that came before. a lifetime of dolls. each one crippled with the want. for more.

choices. that interrupt living. wet torches. in fields of fire. we don't burn, but we wish we had.

it's not enough just to lose. we need to be defeated.

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