Sunday 1/09/2011 12:39:00 AM

counting. as though time knows where we began this list. stories. empty beds. small coffins. big heavens.

the numbers close. the flesh closer yet. lazy tales told by bleeding lips. the forest. ripe with trees. the end content to let us find it. the paradox. that i should find myself there. a small thread. at the corner of the world. needing a pull. a lion. asleep next to the lamb. waking up hungry.

she sees world she knows can't be there, but is. the simple temptations of choice. i could have it, but if i did, would i want it anymore. i could worship the avalanche. but it wouldn't bury me any less.

the moments fuss over their pawns. forgetting to protect their king. an easy checkmate. time drags its monsters through our skin. trying to convince us. there are choices. other than this.

This world is broken. and we are the crutches. that bring it to the edge.

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