Sunday 12/12/2010 12:22:00 AM

trying the numbers like locks. stubborn combinations. steal the warmth. from thinning blankets. confession to puppets stale the happy ending.

convince the numbers. fit the villain into the math. the future. in strips of skin. stolen from the gut. waiting for the movement. the parasite takes a breath. the blood. harvesting the vein. in pitchforks and cradles.

the child. born too often.

it's only time. just a ghost content on haunting empty houses. it's only then. masquerading as the now. little liars clicking their heels. wizards still hanging their curtains. and the pointless names we assign. to all these things we can't explain.

the hours fumbling. with choices. as i languish in how. such things could ever be decided.

the girth of the math choosing. how small we are.

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