Monday 12/13/2010 12:59:00 AM

small epiphanies stretch the skin of that battered drum. changing the rhythm. the locks dance around her ankles. the shadows collapse. deflated ghosts. searching for the stairs. out of their dungeon.

talking to the evil. it listens. too well. too easy to love it. when we're this close.

her lips thick with a kitten's grin. her touch ripe with choices. ultimatums involving swine and condoms. puppets taking over the stage. in a glorious applause. the universe in shallow cuts. pointing out the villains. ignoring the victims.

debating with the first. it all starts with one. and then we begin the math. a contagion of numbers. infecting. determining every moment.

as if we are powerless.

a string. from the earth to the sun. pulling us closer. to that fiery finish.

a stone. in her hand. longing to be thrown. the edges coming into focus. nothing left. to keep me away from them.

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