Sunday 12/05/2010 01:30:00 AM

the rattlesnake and the owl debated how old time was. each one more than certain it was old enough to know that they were wrong. it's simple. this empty rain. let it fall. it will either way.

the rat and the pelican watched the waves continually repeating their math. eternally taking away what had never been there. each of them certain they knew why it could not stop. the whisper of the moon deafening the ocean until all it could hear was gone.

i know of division the cloud said. as the earth lazily looked up. i can explain it all. the sun claimed. i am the center. the focus.

the monkey listened to all of them. his finger deep in the ants' hill. you're all wrong. i know why the world spins. how it ends. and what these numbers are.

venom and circumstance creating a science i can comprehend. flesh and disease purchasing shades of tomorrow.

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