Sunday 12/05/2010 12:34:00 AM

Her eyes fluorescent. gentle and scarcely blue. vibrating on a level that can only be sensed. not disappearing in an incandescent crack, but quietly winding down.

the lizard licking the air. for traces of the bridge. that led him to this dire utopia. so ripe with disobedient heavens.

the fish on the sand. fascinated with its legs. the fish on the sand. slowly. learning how to breathe.

the lights counting us as we spoil our way through these confessions. a pity of touch. perfect numbers. finding the pattern. in the nothing. collecting. sad men. like daggers and needles. the vein. fluorescent. buzzing. with a light too cold. roles. scripts. the drunken parables of bone and blood. creating the shadows. that follow us. assembling the stage. upon which these ghosts will strut.

actors without an audience. lost in their roles.

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