Saturday 12/18/2010 12:51:00 AM

little hens. sitting on their eggs. as the sky falls down around them. and in between we tell our stories. the villain of math. the myth of time. pulling that magnet. closer.

the clouds are too low. and the her dress is soiled. with the answers to questions she's has not asked. her thighs a kaleidoscope. shifting and turning. in a million colors of when. it had to hurt. the real still gasping for air inside the burgeoning vacuum.

her meal in numbers. her promise in years. yet to come or already passed still to be determined. her eyes closed. a blind machine barrelling through so much hunger.

her paper dolls on the table. eager cards in a long standing bluff. her wagers all in skin. and numbers. her scissors prepared to cut.

her meat lost in the journey. her bones owed to the destination. the sum of her choices still uncertain.

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