Thursday 12/16/2010 12:30:00 AM

turns the sun. hard shoulder to the wind. in wispy confections of humility. in orgasms of when. the strays will feed again. on the casual remains. of second chances.

there is smothering. the fire yearns to die. hollow fables recite the stories. spark in the blood. that burned down everything inside.

the compass deciding. where she's headed. will leave behind. the buzz of dying fluorescents digging out an uneven path. places where monsters know. the patterns on little girls underwear. hours that count backward. searching for that moment. when everything changes.

skin like canvas. eyes like finger paints. the colors blossom. the soil still clinging to their petals. the merry-go-round keeps spinning. though the carnival has stopped. the weight of nothing drags her down.

the lisp of gravity makes her laugh. as she listens for its confession. certain of its guilt.

the jury is now. the evidence is when. and i have only rumors of treason to support my innocence.

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