Thursday 11/04/2010 12:14:00 AM

the curtains shiver beside the glass. it's cold out there. it always has been. every year the winter is a little longer.

in the forest. where the forest always is. i make my footprints and wait for the falling leaves to cover them. in the dark. lost like this. the way in is the only thing i can't remember. broken belts and flattened stairs. as the fluorescent buzzes above my head. and the door yearns for the latch.

there's a sliver of light and a pin prick of knowledge. before i hear it shut. the callous fart of time. as it forgets. all the things i wish i could. foxes running with the wind. away from the hounds. hiding places an inch too distant. blood. then bone. then death. and all those ghosts that make it ours.

repeating their questions.

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