Saturday 11/06/2010 01:18:00 AM

the fortress wheezes. choking ninjas flaunt their broken epiphanies. choices is all they are. all they ever will. choices i let choose for me.

the flower beds too eager. the seeds slipping from my grasp. all those heroes in dark cloaks are impossible to distinguish from villains. maybe they're the same. different skins. same bones.

be careful with the curtain. it's easy to open. much harder to close. trust in the actors. only they know you. believe the stage. as it directs you. closer to the end.

too many locks to pick on this stubborn flesh. Thumbtacks perforate the map. i'm not going there. just trying to remember what it was like to have been. cheap time machines. count faces rather than years. i put my quarter in the slot. and take the ride for what it is.

rain than never hits the ground. fraying dresses still stiff from passing skeletons.

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