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Distance Over Time
Sunday 11/14/2010 01:09:00 AM

the dark absolves. predelictions. tempered wars. started with flower petals. finished with wilting swords. the choices come in fever drums. the thump of possession. choosing her allies.

the future turns. sharp. leaving these apes to decide. which story is theirs. the graves beg for their corpses. long battles with things that cannot be defeated. life is an abundance of skirmishes lost. over the the choices of cowardly men. life is choice. if that luxury still be ours.

the war wages us. bones pierce the flesh. in a rage of freedom.

the flags and the bombs. telling the story. Liars and thieves. turn our treasures against us. sour candy houses. thick with burning witches. and the wolves still in their beds.

the here. the now. a pungent cologne. ripe with deaf gods. and all the things. they can't say to us.

not that i was listening.


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