Wednesday 10/06/2010 12:34:00 AM

these awful necessities.

just my opinion. the real reason so many states are losing so much revenue is the insanely high tax on cigarettes. they are forcing people to quit out of sheer necessity. and while they like that the general public believes they are doing this for the benefit of the people, the facts are different.

grandiose politicians in their infinite wisdom are assuming the 'addicts' and 'junkies' will pay anything it might cost for their next hit.

idiots, one and all.

why don't they tax guns and ammo. there's a useless frivolity anyone can do without. it's dangerous. it kills quickly, not slowly. it kills toddlers and babies. it kills everyone equally regardless of whether or not they choose to own a gun.

if someone can show me a citizen's militia that's defending us I'd gladly concede guns are needed. but it seems obvious five branches of the military are more than ample protection. and don't give me terrorism. your rifles didn't stop 9/11.

the real terrorism comes not from outside our borders, but from within.

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