Tuesday 10/05/2010 01:44:00 AM

the poison absolves the sickness. in a stale fracture of quarantine. remove the structure from the broken vial. quench these paper walls. with saliva and blood. and quickly sell the disease. to breathless wolves. and pigs in their fallen straw houses.

i write on her arm. under her skin. in reds and blues. in screams and tears. the same way people look. when you they are still strangers on the street. the same way people look when you've let them touch you.

claws in the mud. dull teeth gnawing the bread. to get to the missing meat. windows. determined to prove. the value of their broken glass. the primer. the multiples of choices. the division of finding each other. though we struggle to keep them whole.

the dialogue repeats eventually. and we are found. straddling all those instances of us. with nowhere to go.

the soft division. of sunlight and rain. as it creases the subtle stages of glass. blind eyes. deaf ears. revealing the smallest cracks.

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