Saturday 10/23/2010 12:34:00 AM

the doorway grinned and asked her what she thought she'd find inside. and even if she did. what then she would do with it. she smiled and said what is lost wants to be.

the ceiling churned with the stubborn ghosts of torn dresses. and the fairy tales that had deceived. the monsters always win she told him. because monsters are what we are. flicked tails and sharp fangs disguised in a whisper of skin.

the window smiled and asked her. what it was that she saw. as the dark makes its mirrors from us. she glanced. pretending to care. when she looked through it.

i see nothing. everything. a reflection. myself. imagining a world that doesn't exist. i see the glass. that muffles the sound. i see the blood on the ground. as my hand picks up the broken pieces.

i see. the humiliation of choices.

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