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Distance Over Time
Thursday 10/21/2010 12:27:00 AM

she shifted in her skin. trying to imagine what, if anything, lay underneath. she dug with her dirty fingernails deeper into the darkness. Suspecting all along, that it was the other way around. Simple choices with complex consequences.

shifting the dirt. as the world flew under her feet. an empty playground. full of squeaking swings. and the shadows of the monsters that empty them.

she bickers with the cold. as the lost are given to do. playing back and forth with her king. to bring the checkmate into focus. the torn parachutes. the crumbling candy houses. the vampires in the window. every fairy tale flaunts its villains. in breaking atoms and withering penises.

determined to prove. those breadcrumbs are still there. that there is still somewhere to go.


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